Frequently Asked Questions

About wishLockr

What is it?

wishLockr is a way to document, capture and store your life events, memories, wishes and affairs securely online, whilst ensuring access by nominated family members or friends should you fall ill or die.

Who is it for?

wishLockr is for everyone who wants to live life to the full - and ensure a fitting celebration when the time finally comes.

Anyone 18 years or older can have their own wishLockr account

Can I have an account if I am under 18?

In special circumstances wishLockr may grant access under the age of 18. To do this we require a parent/legal guardian to contact us to consider the request. Email

Is it really free?

Yes. Any wishLockr account, offering up to 1 GB of storage, is completely free for life. The only exceptions are for:

  • Any chargeable professional or travel/activity services you request and use

  • Any extra wishLockr storage used beyond our ‘fair usage’ allowance (usage above 1 GB).

Do I need to provide any payment details to use wishLockr?

Nope. Absolutely not.

Is my account private? Who can view it and when?

wishLockr is private by default. But wishLockr comes into its own when you nominate between one and three ‘wishUnlockrs’. If you die, or become seriously ill, they have viewing rights to your Lockrs to locate your key contacts, read your last wishes, reflect your funeral preferences and help to manage your affairs.

wishLockr Accounts

How do I create an account

It’s easy to create a wishLockr account, simply provide your name and email address and a memorable password. No credit cards, no subscriptions, it’s free.

How do I amend my account

wishLockr allows you to amend your details easily. Regularly login, add, update and amend as your life progresses.

How do I delete my account

wishLockr allows you to delete information which may be out of date and also if you no longer require your account it can easily be deleted. If your decision is to delete your account, please go to 'edit profile', then 'manage account' and the delete option can be found here

Setting Access Permissions

As a User you will always have access to ALL your Lockrs. When choosing a wishUnlockr you allow them viewing rights. They cannot add, update or amend information. You may also wish to share certain Lockrs e.g. your financialMap with your financial advisor, your soundTrack with your lifelong friend. Again, they will only have viewing rights and cannot add, update or amend information.

How do my loved ones delete my account if I die?

A wishUnlockr may delete a user’s account in the event of that user’s death. In order to do so, we require copies of the following documents: in respect of the user, one of (a) a death certificate, obituary or memorial card; and in respect of the WishUnlockr one of (b) birth certificate, driving licence or passport.

What happens when I die?

wishLockr is not able to carry out any of your wishes on death and we do not provide details to family on death. This is why we strongly recommend appointing wishUnlockrs, who not only can carry out your wishes but are also able to delete an account in the event of your passing. Also see How do my loved ones delete my account if I die?

wishLockr: Free Services

What’s free on wishLockr?

Using wishLockr is completely free. You can create a secure account with up to 1 GB storage, and use all the wishLockr features. Currently these are:

  • lifePath

  • lastWishes

  • financialMap

  • soundTrack

  • photoGallery

  • myProfile

  • bucketWish

wishLockr: Professional Services

What are Professional Services on wishLockr?

Certain tasks that wishLockr suggests should be completed with professional advice. They include:

  • Will Writing

  • Funeral Planning

  • Estate Planning

  • Power of Attorney and Deputyships

  • Travel and leisure activities

For these areas, wishLockr will offer you the option to be contacted by our team for advice and a quote. If you want help, click to request contact. Alternatively, if you have already put plans in place, you can record them.

How much do they cost?

It depends on the service required and your individual requirements. Don’t worry: you’ll be given a quote to review and approve before incurring any costs.

Does WishLockr get paid for referring me to providers?

wishLockr is remunerated at no extra cost to you should you decide to proceed. No data is shared unless you specifically approach a service provider.

wishLockr Security

How secure is wishLockr?

Our servers are located in a 24/7 manned security premises in Docklands, London. The servers are protected by Fortinet firewalls that are updated regularly to help protect against the latest attacks. We use 256-bit TLS encryption to encrypt your connection to our server so nobody can steal your data.

Is my account private? Who can view it and when?

wishLockr is private by default. But wishLockr comes into its own when you nominate between one and three ‘wishUnLockrs’. If you die, or become seriously ill, they have viewing rights to your Lockrs to locate your key contacts, read your last wishes, reflect your funeral preferences and help to manage your affairs.

What if I believe my account has been deleted without my permission?

Please keep your username and password confidential at all times to avoid any unauthorised use. If, however, you believe your account has been deleted without your permission please contact us immediately at

wishUnlockrs and Sharing

How many wishUnlockrs am I allowed?

We suggest up to 3 wishUnlockrs. Research has shown that if too many people work on a project the result can be inferior. Planning life celebrations is a very important project so wishLockr feel 3 is a good number. If you have any feedback we always welcome this

What if I want to appoint a wishUnlockr who is under 18?

At wishLockr we feel that carrying out someone’s wishes on death is a responsible undertaking, which is why we set the minimum age at 18. However, you may feel a loved one, who is under 18, can act in this capacity. If this is the case, we require a parent or legal guardian to contact us to consider relaxing this restriction.

Can I be a wishUnlockr for more than 1 person?

The answer is YES. There is no limit on how many people you can be a wishUnlockr for.

What if I do not want to share my information with anyone including a wishUnlockr?

wishLockr works as it is self-administered ensuring the right information is in the right hands at the right time. wishUnlockrs are very important for this to work smoothly. However, we do appreciate that some people do like to remain private. If this is the case, please print off each relevant screen on wishLockr and store this with your will or somewhere safe where you loved ones will find it at the appropriate time.

What is the idea behind sharing individual Lockrs?

You may have a sibling or best buddy you wish to share your soundTrack with. It may be more relevant to them than your wishUnlockrs as you grew up listening to the same music. You may have a financial adviser who would find it useful to share your financialMap with. Whilst financial advisers usually have a good understanding of your investments and protection policies, they may not know about your bank accounts and arrangements you have made since last contact. Please refer to What kind of information should I put in financialMap?

Content and Information

What kind of content should I put in lifePath?

The intention of lifePath is to mark significant events in your life with a selection of photos. This is different to social media where daily events are posted. Examples of events or influences could be: first day at school, graduation, gap year, engagement, wedding, first child, etc. All these can then be downloaded to be played at the reception after funeral. To help we have arranged this in date order.

What kind of information should I put in soundTrack?

The intention of soundTrack is the ‘soundtrack of your life’. To help loved ones understand your choice you can add notes. The music can be marked to be played at your funeral and those which aren’t can be compiled into a playlist for the reception after your funeral.

What kind of content should I put in photoGallery?

The intention of photoGallery is to store the photos you would like to be remembered by. There may come a time when your loved ones need a photo for an Order of Service or backdrop to show the beautiful person they wish to remember. Why not choose a few for yourself? Do remember, however, to keep these up-to-date, as you don’t want to be remembered as a brunette if you’ve coloured your hair blond.

What kind of information should I put in finalWishes?

We have made this easy for you by asking the relevant question and all you have to do is answer. If you are in any doubt you can either leave decisions to your family or come back at another time when you have decided. It’s important to get things down but you can revisit and edit if you change your mind. Example questions: do you wish to follow a religious service, be buried or cremated, do you have a favourite poem and hymn.

What kind of information should I put in financialMap?

We all worry when we are asked about our financial affairs and especially if you have appointed wishUnlockrs, who you may not want to know all your financials. So we have tried to use this section as a mapping system, where no account, policy numbers or monetary values are divulged. There are a staggering number of financial accounts and policies which go unclaimed each year due to bereaved relatives not knowing they exist. financialMap is a simple directory of what to check for and where to ensure no policies go unclaimed and no bank accounts are forgotten. Examples of what to record are bank accounts, life policies, company pensions (active and frozen) and death-in-service, private pensions, ISAs, premium bonds, shares etc. This is not an exhaustive list but it gives an idea.

What if I can’t find an activity in bucketWish?

There is a section entitled 'others' where you can add in anything you can’t find but we are adding to our bucketWish ideas all the time.

I wish to upload videos but can’t see how to do this.

Research has found that during life celebrations photos work best, so we have limited wishLockr to photos. If, however, we have a demand to upload videos we may include this at a future stage. You will of course keep you updated of new features.

I have traditional photos, how can I put them on wishLockr?

You can use a desktop scanner to create and save digital copies as picture files e.g. jpegs. There are also apps which now convert traditional paper photos into digital versions. If you have a smartphone you can search in your app store for 'scan old photos' for a variety of apps, both free and paid for.