Everything you need

Document Your Life to Date

Tell your life story through the events that shaped it. From your first day at school to your Best Man speech. Catalogue how your key moments unfolded with uploaded photos. Pull everything together to create a slideshow for your final send-off.

Record Your Last Wishes

Do you follow a faith? What sort of service or celebration would you want? Do you want to be buried or cremated? Aside from your will, have you other requests? Set the record straight for those dealing with your affairs.

Safely Store Your Financial Contacts

Store contact details for all your banking, investment, insurance and pension providers. Bring clarity to your financial affairs. Make sure loved ones can easily understand your assets and any liabilities when the time comes.

Create Your Final Playlist

Share the soundtrack of your life: the music you’ve lived with and loved. Mark special songs to be played at your funeral and Wake/Life Celebration with any guidance notes.

Collate Unforgettable Photos

Everyone has their favourite photos they would like to be remembered by. Upload, caption and annotate photos. Select images for family and friends to create a eulogy when you’re gone.

Store Your Personal details & Contacts

List, store and show, at-a-glance, details about you, your loved ones, your medical professionals and crucially, your wishUnlockrs. Even log details for your pets and their vets!

Plan Your Life Goals

What do you still wish to do that you haven’t got round to? Don’t let time run away. Build, plan and refine your bucket list. Get ideas for new bucket list goals in different categories. Pilot a glider. Snore in the Ice Hotel. Discover organisations that can help you make things happen.

Benefits of wishLockr

No more messy loose ends

We’re all forgetful sometimes. So wishLockr is smart. It remembers the important stuff we should really put in place. When you log in, your to-do list tells you, at-a-glance, what’s been completed, and what needs your attention. Say goodbye to messy loose ends.

Leave nothing to chance

There’s more to planning ahead than leaving a will. Where would you want your final resting place to be? If you’re a blended family or single parent, who would have guardianship of your children? What should happen to your pets? And your half-restored MGB? By setting out your list of final wishes, everyone knows exactly what you want to happen.

Map out your financials

Don’t make your family or beneficiaries struggling forensic detectives. Most of us have some savings, credit cards, loans, investments, pensions, insurances and more. List the contacts, professionals or institutions they’ll need to notify in wishLockr to compile your asset and liability details quickly and correctly.

Make a will that’s valid and lodged

Dying intestate – without a valid will – is a serious matter. Or if a will was made, but can’t be located, grieving relatives suffer even more stress and delays. wishLockr helps you make a will professionally and/or record exactly where and with whom it’s safely lodged.

Pass vital details on to loved ones

Dealing with illness or death inevitably means dealing with affairs and paperwork. The easier it is to locate documents and details, the more your family can focus on what really matters. Organise your important information logically in wishLockr so your loved ones can view it. Help them to celebrate your life.

Document your life journey

wishLockr makes it easy to capture and preserve your most treasured moments. Places, people, events, achievements, ambitions and goals – there’s a place for everything using pictures, words and video. In a few simple clicks, ensure nominated family and friends have all they need to plan your life celebration.