How it works

Your life, curated. wishLockr

wishLockr is a totally secure online portal. You can log in from anywhere, at any time, 24/7/365

Simple. Secure.

The files, details and content you upload are stored and curated in different folders - your ‘Lockrs’. Each has a specific purpose: just click on the Lockr you need. Everything’s simple and intuitive - you’ll be using it in seconds.

Plan properly.

As you complete new tasks, wishLockr updates you on your progress. You’ll also see useful reminders, prompts and guidance. If you need a professional service – for instance, to make your will - wishLockr directs you. Click to be contacted by our team for advice on wills, financial affairs and protecting your loved ones.

Get organised.

When you die, or if you become seriously ill, wishLockr comes in to its own. Up to three family members or close friends can be pre-registered as your ‘wishUnlockrs’. Your wishUnlockrs have secure viewing rights to your Lockrs. Having direct, private access helps them deal with your affairs. They can quickly locate your key contacts, read your last wishes and arrange your funeral exactly as you want it. Using your material, family and friends can also ensure a truly personal, meaningful celebration of your life.

Live for today.

In addition to wishUnlockrs, you can also invite friends to share specific Lockrs. Once they have an account you can share content - for example your lifePath or the soundTrack of your life. Sharing memories and events with family or friends over the years to come is great fun – and also sensible and forward-thinking. If needed, you can change your preferences or revoke viewing rights instantly at any time.