Don't leave them guessing!

One thing in life is certain: at some point, it'll end. Hopefully that’s decades away. But occasionally the unexpected can happen. So make a plan: compile cherished memories, photos and a playlist. Set down your wishes and key contacts. For now, live life to the full and realise your bucket list. And, when the time comes, share your life celebration with those you love.

Your life, curated. wishLockr

Capture all your special moments

Your graduation. Your wedding. Your first car. That insane Sydney bungee jump! Catalogue your most cherished life events, past and present, in pictures and words. List your all-time favourite songs. On your death, wishLockr lets nominated family and friends - your 'wishUnlockrs' - securely view and access your content to plan your life celebration.

Effortlessly sort your affairs

Have you made a will? Arranged a Lasting Power of Attorney? Is someone holding details of your financial and funeral affairs? wishLockr automatically keeps track of important outstanding tasks, highlighting any loose ends. See at a glance what’s been sorted. Get reminders of things you still need to do.

Plan your future adventures

There’s more to life than memories: the best is yet to come. So plan your adventures. Create, safely store and update your bucketWish. Think about and set down the life goals you still want to achieve. Create reminders and store notes and details in wishLockr. Take control and make your dreams really happen.

Access wishLockr anytime, anywhere, securely

Desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile – whatever device you prefer, log in to access and update your wishLockr securely anywhere, anytime.

About wishLockr

It’s human nature: most of us find it hard to talk about or plan for our own passing.

But planning is important. And it’s unfair to ignore it. If not now…then when?

wishLockr was created to break down this barrier.

By capturing your affairs, memories and wishes securely yourself, online, there’s no need for awkward conversations.

When the time comes, for those who need it, all the important things have already been thought about, and everything’s in place.